MEVACS - Electronic Suction Unit (40 L/min), model 2015

MEVACS-model 2015

Suction units MEVACS (40 L/min) present a new generation of suction units. Their operation is very easy. The whole suction process is controlled by microprocessor and the choice of the mode of suction and parameters are set on the touch screen.







  • STAND-BY function
  • foot control with selectable ON / OFF mode or as a vacuum regulator
  • non-contact level sensor - protection against overflow
  • hydrophobic microbiological filter


  1. NORMAL MODE in the range of 0 to -93 kPa
  2. DRAINAGE in range 0 to -20 kPa, the optional hold time at min. vacuum 0-6.2sek and at max. vacuum 0-12.5 seconds.
  3. PULSE in the range of 0 to -93 kPa, optional setting min. and max. interval value suction, selective holding time at min. vacuum 0-6.2 seconds and at max. vacuum 0-12.5 seconds.
  4. VACEXTR with automatic rise vacuum of 2 kPa with inching  operation from 0 to 12.5 seconds

Vacuum max.: -93 kPa / -700 mmHg (93% of vacuum)

Flow rate of pump: 40 L/min