DO 2.1

Dental suction machine

Dental suction machine DO 2.1Dental suction pump of the line DO 2.1 serve as a source of underpressure for dental appliances. It can be used for all types of dental units equiped with a suction unit (i.e. – a holder with hose, end-connectors and the separator ). The suction pump is activated by an operating voltage (24V/0,1A DC/AC) or by turning-on of the switch in variant “T”.


Box for dental suction machine DO 2.1

Technical specification

DO 2.1 DO 2,1-10
Nominal voltage 230 V/50 (60) Hz
110 V/ 60 Hz
230 V/50 (60) Hz
110 V/ 60 Hz
Mmax. current 3,3 (3,7) A
7,2 A
3,3 (3,7) A
7,2 A
Max. output kapacity 1100 lit.min– 1 1100 lit.min– 1
Max. underpressure 12 kPa 12 kPa
Operating voltage 24V/ 0.1A DC / AC 24V/ 0.1A DC / AC
Mode of operation S1-100% S1-100%
Noise level ≤58 dB [A] ≤58 dB [A]
Noise level with box ≤46 dB [A] ≤46 dB [A]
Weight 15 kg 15 kg
Weight with box 27 kg 29 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 290x430x350 mm 330x430x350 mm
Dimensions with box (w x d x h) 380x525x575 mm 420x525x620 mm