STERICELLSTERICELL® is intended for hot air sterilization of materials under specified temperature and duration. It is characterized by quiet running with a patented fine system of forced air circulation in the chamber by means of a built-in fan which eliminates the “cold air” area formation. Loose and deposit-forming substances can be sterilized in closed bottles. The device is suitable for medical and veterinary clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, health care centers, and laboratories. Service providers like testing and beauty salons, body piercing studios, manicure, pedicure and hairdresser’s shops can take an ideal advantage of the 22-liter chamber of compact size and small weight.

The device complies with the requirement of the EU Directive no. 93/42/EEC including the clinical evaluation.

  • Inner volume size: 22, 55, 111, 222, and 404 liters
  • Temperature range from 10 °C above the ambient temperature to 250 °C
  • Inner chamber: Stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)



Basic features

Temperature distribution is controlled by microprocessor automatics (Fuzzy-Logic) with a digital display and a PT 100 thermostat sensor. The microprocessor automatics ensure high accuracy of temperature regulation with a guaranteed thermal stability at each place of the sterilization chamber and control of the door and air flap valve opening. It guarantees higher safety of the individual sterilization procedures.

STERICELL meets the highest demands for quality, speed, simple and comfortable operation, and safety. The individual sterilization batches records can either be printed by means of a printer, or it can be saved in a PC using special WarmComm software. The inner arrangement of the chamber enables rearrangement of the screens or shelves, thus enabling the best possible use of the inner area.

STERICELL of volume size 222 and 404 liters can be ordered either as a one- or two-door (open-through) model. It can be mounted in a wall between the contaminated and clean zone. We also offer the process and chemical indicators of the hot air sterilization to control the sterilization efficiency.

Safe working processes

Contrary to some products without forced air circulation, this device with a built-in ventilator is able to:

  • Eliminate the “cold air“ area formation
  • Speed up the cycle, thus shorten the period of the device running and reduce power consumption
  • Guarantee better temperature distribution in the sterilization chamber
  • Guarantee thermal stability in each place of the sterilization chamber

Safety of working processes is controlled for the whole process period by microprocessor automatics registering and reacting correspondingly to the preset temperature and time and also to all possible disturbing influences like e.g. door or air flap valve opening during sterilization, power failure, etc.

The STERICELL line is equipped with autodiagnostics including the continuous electronic control of the individual working phases and independent adjustable thermal protection. Mechanical Class 2 safety thermostat protects the device, its surroundings and processed material against inadmissible temperature exceeding (double protection of the sterilized materials against overheating). By this solution, the influence of careless operation on the safe result of the sterilization cycle has been excluded. We offer process and chemical indicators to check the sterilization efficiency of the hot air sterilization.

Sterilization programs

The basic program equipment offers three sterilization programs that you can choose depending on the type of the processed material.

Three pre-set sterilization programs with pre-heating (possibility of user modification by an authorized person).

  • P1 – temperature 160 °C/ sterilization exposure 60 min
  • P2 – temperature 170 °C/ sterilization exposure 30 min
  • P3 – temperature 180 °C/ sterilization exposure 20 min