sterimatplus_2STERIMAT® PLUS, a steam sterilizer with a chamber volume of 25 liters, represents a completely new generation of small steam sterilizers that comply, without exception, with the requirements of standards and operating staff. ® PLUS sterilizers are suitable for the sterilization of all instruments, materials, textile, rubber and plastics that are meant to be sterilized by steam when it comes to health services, veterinary clinics and laboratories. Thanks to how small they are, their top quality and wide range of use, STERIMAT® PLUS units are suitable for use especially in the field of dentistry, where top quality, speed, reliability and the highest level of sterilization safety are required.

A two microprocessor control system (Master-Slave) and double pressure and heat sensors make up a separate sterilization cycle control and record system and it thereby secures the highest possible safety, accurate regulation and short batch times. Its construction solution is subject to three patents and its design is protected by an industrial design (steam generation regulation patented system, unique hardware patented system, patented associated pump function).



Basic features

  • Small steam sterilizer
  • Quick, powerful, smart and exceptional
  • Saves space and consumption of media
  • Fractional multiple evacuation
  • Automatic door control
  • Touch display offers top comfort control of the unit and provides comprehensive information about each phase of the on-going process
  • A graphic printer or computer can be connected to the unit to print, assess and archive a detailed report on each sterilization cycle (RS 232 interface)
  • Short delivery terms

Technical specification

  • Chamber volume: 25 liters
  • Temperature range: From 105°C to 134°C
  • Built-in separate full-scope steam generator
  • Powerful air pump – perfect drying
  • Two microprocessor control system (Master-Slave)
  • Touch display for comfort control 10 user programs
  • 10 user programs
  • Separate control and cycle registration system
  • Autonomous design or feeding by de-mineralized water from water works firmly connected to a water distribution network
  • Separate distilled and used water tanks
  • Enables testing and validation according to EN ISO 17665-1:06

Sterilization programs

  • P1 Unwrapped instruments - 134 °C/4 minutes
  • P2 Wrapped instruments, wrapped materials – 134°C/7 minutes
  • P3 Textile, containers, wrapped material with intensive final drying – 134°C/7 minutes
  • P4 Rubber, cavities – wrapped products made out of glass, rubber and plastics – 121°C/20 minutes
  • P5 Wrapped quick– 134°C/7 minutes (maximum load 0.5 kg)
  • P6 Cavities quick – 121°C/20 minutes (maximum load 0.5 kg)
  • P7 Special – special program with parameters according to the customer’s wishes, such as SOLUTIONS – a flexible PT 100 sensor can be built-in
  • P8, P9 Bowie & Dick/HELIX test – steam penetration test – 134°C/3.5 minutes
  • P10 Test vákua – chamber air-tightness test – length of the equalizing phase 5 minutes, testing time 10 minutes
  • P11 Servis - service program for easy check-up and maintenance