VENAR Libera

f_150_0_16777215_1___images_phocagallery_anest_venar_libera.jpgThe modular integrated anaesthesia workstation VENAR combines high technological research, a worthy international cooperation and high level of safety. The VENAR is designed for safety low flow and minimal flow anaesthesia practices for adults, children and newborns.


  • Screen electronic ventilator with built in 4–chamber compressor gives you any exceptional features. It provides the safe, reliable and trouble free ventilation. It includes colour TFT display
  • Electronic flowmeter EFA with oxygen ratio controller – hypoxic guard
  • Frame with trolley, extended table, lamp, manometer gauges O2 a N2O, Air, oxygen flush, drawers, 2 holders for 10 litre bottles, pipeline inlet, sockets and monitor shelf
  • Adjustable overpressure safety valve
  • Backbar of the vaporisers has max. 3 position of vaporisers with Interlock system
  • Aspirator injector system
  • Integrated anaesthesia breathing system with absorber
  • Anaesthetic Gas Scavening System
  • Optional monitor of vital function by requirement of customer


  • The extraordinary solution of electronic ventilator with built in compressor the Venar is able to start from under 10 ml up to 1500 ml, which makes it perfectly suitable for all patients groups
  • Automatic compensation of death space
  • Large reduction of gases by setting of minimum fresh gas flow low flow and minimal flow. It measures the gas consuption
  • Battery back up system operates from 30 min. to 120 min
  • Monitoring of lung action for ensure of optimalisation of the anaesthesia proceedings
  • Software available in different languages
  • Urgent ventilation may be realized only by simple entering weight of patient
  • Gas monitor incl. evaulation of MAC
  • Heating of breathing circuit